What You Need to Know About Dialysis Nurses


A dialysis nurse is an RN with specialized training which delivers care and treatment to patients undergoing dialysis—a medical procedure filtering and removing waste products and excess fluids from the blood in cases where the kidneys are not operating optimally.

Whether you are eager to become one or need one, NephCure Academy, a trusted school for dialysis in Los Angeles, is here to provide you with the information you seek! Here are a few commonly asked questions about these specialists, along with their respective answers:

  • What are the duties of dialysis nurses?
    These specialists are generally tasked with assessing patients, preparing them for dialysis, monitoring their vital signs during treatment, ensuring the proper functioning of dialysis equipment, and administering medications, to cite a few.
  • What credentials are necessary to pursue this career path?
    Individuals wishing to pursue this career path must be registered nurses (RNs) with either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a valid nursing license. Some may also require extra certification in nephrology or dialysis nursing. Should you be looking for a comprehensive curriculum for dialysis training bold in Mission Hills, California, we are the ones to call.
  • Which abilities are vital for dialysis nurses?
    Dialysis nurses must be proficient in providing assessment, adept at operating and solving issues with dialysis equipment, skilled in administering medications and intravenous (IV) therapies, and possess precision when delivering health care.

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